About Me

Hi, I’m Tabitha!

I’m really happy you’re here!

I’m a public relations professional living in middle Georgia.  I have been married to my best friend, Justin, since 2014.  Mommy to two.  Stepmom to one.

About the blog

This is a space where I talk about my journey to live my best life.  I’m a recovering pessimist who wants to be happy with the life I’ve been given.  This is where I share what little things I do to keep my thoughts positive and try to make the most out of every day.

My whole inspiration to start my blog was to document my journey of figuring out exactly who I am.  Yes – I’m a wife, mommy, and career oriented woman – but what about when those things fall away.  Who exactly am I?  What do I believe and what do I really want out of life?

Do you have the same thoughts? I want this to be a space where you feel like you’re not the only woman trying to navigate a life full of family, career, and all the stuff in between. Let’s be here for each other as we take the time to slow down and enjoy the life we’ve been given.  One small step at a time.

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