A Simple Way To Engage New Employees

The first day at a new job can be overwhelming. Who are all these people and what job do they perform here? There’s an simple way to make the new hire feel right at home.

Congratulations!  It’s the first day of your new job.  You’re given an employee handbook from Human Resources with information about policies, benefits, injuries on the job, sexual harassment, and other legal information.  Then you begin to wonder…Did I park in the right place?  Are there special events during the year I need to be aware of?  What is the history of the department? Who are all these people and what exactly do they do?


The first day can be overwhelming.  The faster an employee feels like part of the team the better.  They will be filled with a sense of purpose and ready to engage with their new organization.

An easy way to create employee engagement on the very first day is to welcome them with a packet of information not covered in the handbook.

Helpful information for a new hire could include… 

Brief overview of the organization.

Mission and vision
Brief history
Plans for the future
Organizational chart (also a sentence or two describing each department)
Annual events
Map of office building

Tips For Making Your First Day Successful

Where to park
Frequently called numbers
Where to find coffee! (Do you bring your own or is there a coffee fund?)
Dress code expectations

Other Important Information

Employee programs specific to the department
Lunch times, arrangements, and other expectations

Does it take time and resources to create this type of information packet?  Yes.  Will it help build a symbiotic relationship with the employee from the very beginning ?  YES!  The packet does not need to be a novel of never ending information.  A few pages in a thin folder works great.

Employee engagement is crucial to the culture of a workplace.  Employees can be your greatest recruiter or your worst critic.  The best way to create an engaged employee is to make them feel like family the very first day.
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What other information would be beneficial on the first day of the job?  Let me know in the comments!

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Author: Tabitha Clark, APR

Public relations professional by day. Aspiring graphic designer by night.

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