Gaining Confidence

I love strong women.  There is something empowering about a woman who knows what she wants and sets out to get it fearlessly.

But I do know one thing…there is nothing fearless about confidence for me.  A lot of outwardly confident women have a darker side that many people do not see.  A side of self-consciousness and panic feelings that she isn’t accomplishing everything she wants to in life.  That drive to be the best she can be is both motivating and extremely scary at the same time.

The key, however, is to strike some sort of balance between looking confident and loving yourself enough to embrace it.

I believe that outward confidence is the key to success.  First impressions always count.  Confidence is important in your job, with your family, and yourself!

Here are my steps to embracing confidence when I need a little extra boost…

Embrace your talents & love yourself. We’re all really good at something. I imagine you thinking your “something” is small or insignificant.  It isn’t!  There’s someone struggling right now with your “something.”  It can be as simple as creating budget friendly family meals, being an encouragement to others with a letter or kind word, or planning a great trip!  These things are important and often essential on a daily basis.  Embrace it!  You have to love yourself before you can appear to be confident.

Body language, eye contact, and smile! The language your body speaks is everything! Having the right body language takes some practice but is the easiest way to show confidence and show kindness to others.  How do you stand when someone is speaking to you?  Do you cross your arms?  Do you look down at the ground?  These gestures are defensive.  You may not mean to but sometimes you can appear to be closing your body and mind to the other person.  Try this – next time you are speaking with someone – stand up straight, clasp your hands lightly in front of your waist, look the person in the eye, and SMILE while you listen to them speak.  These four steps will drastically improve your appearance and show confidence.

Follow strong women who inspire you.  I need inspiration all the time especially when I am feeling down about myself.  I gain inspiration from seeing other women go after their goals in a fearless way.  If they can, why can’t I?  A little inspiration may be the one thing to kick start your confidence in a positive direction.

Ann Shoket
Instagram | @annshoket
Twitter | @annshoket

Former editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine and author of The Big Life is my go to woman.  She loves to encourage her #badassbabes to embrace life and go for their goals.  Her Instagram focuses on empowering millennial women to break the standard and live fearlessly.  Plus, she tweeted me back on Twitter and made me geek out just a bit.

Maria Taylor
Instagram | @MariaTaylor7
Twitter | @MariaTaylor7

Maria is an ESPN and SEC Network analyst and show host I discovered through watching Georgia football this past season.  I love her!  She is fun, quirky, and making a huge impact on the sports industry as a female.  She has an amazing view on life and I’m inspired to see her spread kindness and empower other women to be ambitious.

Confidence isn’t something that comes naturally to many people…me included.  It’s a choice we must make every single day.  We can make a positive choice by loving ourselves and allowing others to inspire us.

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Author: Tabitha Clark, APR

Public relations professional by day. Aspiring graphic designer by night.

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